Discover Iraklia Island

Agios Ioannis Cave – Cyclops’ Cave

Get ready to explore the biggest and most beautiful cave of the Cyclades! This is the most demanding yet the most beautiful of the activities we organize

Mountaintop Papas

Conquer the summit of Iraklia! Sometimes you have to see things from above! The trail starts from the village of Panagia.

Discover Iraklia Island

Merichas Cliff

Be at peace while at the edge of the cliff! The trail starts shortly after the village of Panagia. Reaching the cliff is short and easy, regardless of age or fitness level.

Castle – Spirals – Windmill – Field animals

A journey to the past! This loop trail starts and ends in the village of Agios Georgios. During the hike we will talk about the nature, history, myths, and traditions of Iraklia.

Discover Iraklia Island