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Agios Ioannis Cave – Cyclops’ Cave

Get ready to explore the biggest and most beautiful cave of the Cyclades!
This is the most demanding yet the most beautiful of the activities we organize. The trail starts from the village of Panagia and meanders uphill towards the mountain. During the hike we will talk about the nature, history, myths, and traditions of Iraklia. We will meet goats that graze freely in the mountains, and birds of prey.
Then we reach the Agios Ioannis Cave and the famous Cave of the Cyclops from Homer’s Odyssey, where there will be a short break before the main part of the tour. We put on gear and enter the cave. Following the advice of the tour guide, fortaking caution and respecting space restrictions, we will explore the chambers of the cave. A maze of geological formations such as stalactites and stalagmites embellish the cave and will dazzle us with their beauty!



  • Guided walk tour
  • Transport to and from the starting point
  • Gear for exploring the cave
  • Photos from the tour
  • Liability insurance

Duration: Approximately 4 hours
Length:  5.5 km (3,5 miles)
Cost: 35 € / person – Special prices for families and groups
Group size: Minimum 4 people and maximum 8 people – option  of private tours
Difficulty level: Demanding – age 9+
Start time: 15:45 (May – August) / 15:15 (September – April)
Meeting point: Intersection


  •     Wear Hiking or sports shoes –  no open top shoes!
  •     Bring water: 1.5 liters / person
  •     Bring your backpack (optional)

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